Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Going Viral--Not Just for Sick People Anymore!

by Stacey Fearheiley

This week Eric and I talked about the whole "viral" community of the early 21st century.  We discussed how Youtube, Facebook live, etc are the new "Star Makers".  People are becoming celebrities never leaving their house.  We talked pros and cons, we talked the good and bad, we talked what we liked and disliked.  This week's blog is basically a list of places you might want to visit.

Eric loves:
Tired Old Queen at the Movies
Louisa Wendorff
Megan MacKay

Stacey loves:
Randy Rainbow
Mamrie Hart
Post Modern Jukebox

Other fun places:
Philip DeFranco
Hannah Hart - My Drunk Kitchen
Viral Video Film School
Foil Hogg & Arms --- They're British
Todrick Hall
SuperFruit - 2 of the singers from Pentatonix

Randy Rainbow's NY Times Article
The Nasty Ass Honeybadger - as suggested by Eric

Here's my bottom line--if you have never checked out YouTubers, give it a try.  You may hate the whole concept or you may find some fun entertainment that you've never been exposed to before.  I don't suggest that anyone become addicted to anything that promotes anti-social behavior, but keeping up with the 21st century isn't a bad idea.

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