Friday, February 10, 2017

Welcome to POPeration!

We're Stacey & Eric, the hosts of a new podcast -- POPeration! -- where we (how clever is this?) dissect pop culture for about 20-30 minutes every week.

It's our opinion that while popular culture is often not taken very seriously -- it's actually really important. Even when entertainment -- movies, music, teevee, etc. -- is created to be pure escapism, it sends a message. Art can either be a mirror for its audience or something that inspires us to change, sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better. And we're going to talk about it. With curse words and everything, because it's our fucking show.

We haven't set a launch date yet, but once we do - this blog will be where you can find new and archived episodes, and most importantly -- where you can interact with us via comment threads. Tell us what you think of the show, why you think we're brilliant or why you think we're full of shit, and what pop culture trend or artifact you'd like us to discuss next. Or, if you'd rather connect with us via Facebook or Twitter, you can do that, too.

We're very excited to begin this journey. Watch this space for updates as we prepare to launch.

-- E&S

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